Too all Chefs?

John F asked:

What is the deffernce between a ACF Ceritfied and non ceritfied Schools. The reason why I ask this question is because I am thinking about going to French Culinary Ins or The Sullivan University National Center for Hospitality … One has a ACF ceritfiedtion the dosen’t.
Best cooking schools

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buisness degree to own chocolate shop?

Katherine D asked:

i want to go to the french culinary instute and take a pastry course. but i want to own my own chocolate shop so first should i get like a buissness degree or some kind of degree bc i would be owning my own store?
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What are some other paths in the food industry?

Roto asked:

I’m 21 and I’m a cook. I graduated from a culinary school. Right now, i work in a restauarant to gain some exp. I would like to continue to keep educated myself becuz learning nevers end. But I wanna ask what other educations can i get to help in my cooking field other than pastry and sugar decoration course. I really enjoy creating new dishes with different kind of flavors and textures by using my own theory. I believe cooking will bring happiness to ppl. I was thinking taking chinese herb medicine. (What other suggestion do u have?) I never intend to open a restuarant and become a executive chef. I look at cooking as more in scientific and formulas.

BTW, i’m also a language lover. I speak English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and a bit of Russian. I think the language can give me that extra boost in my cooking area.

No short answer plz.
domain registration
thoughtful answer is welcome. Thank you for the advices ^^’

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How can l get a chef cook position on cruise chip?

hawkeyes asked:

l am a french chef l am living in japan l have 30 years experience in food service l am 47 years old married 2kids l can speak fluent english french japanese l have a pcr certificate culinary certificate l was working for air france airline for 16 years in catering now l am in japan working in american military base as executive chef contractor my job is to give 100 percent customer’s satisfaction , l like to work in international environnemt, l am getting well with everybody,l don’t count for the hours l am dedicate to the company l am working with.
Finding GED classes online
thank you

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Cooking school, help please! =]?

mustafar1391 asked:

Do cooking schools such as The French Culinary Institute have regular classes or programs other than there cooking classes. For example other colleges have classes such as Chemistry, astrophysics, math, science, etc…. but do cooking schools offer these classes?

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French Help?

Luna_54 asked:

Do you know the exact definitions of these culinary words?


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Should i enter the culinary program?

emily asked:

Im a sophomore in high school and im trying to decide weather to enter a culinary program that would take up half of my classes and leave me with only core classes(math, science…) I would love to be a part of this program because i plan on opening my own bakery when i get out of collage. The problem is that i wouldnt be able to continue with my 3rdand 4th years of french(something iv been planning to do since junior high)or participate in any other electives. So should i just go for it because of my ultimate goals or make the most of the classes i have avalable to me?
Also i have only about two days to make this choice.

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help with culinary terms and knives?

karrisah asked:

could someone please define or explain these terms:
broil,blend,cut in, fold in, fry, julienne, knead, saute, season, steam, whip

also i need help with the different types of knives. whats the difference and uses for
butcher(meat), citrus, cleaver, french/chef, paring, slicing
i have a final on this for my culinary art class so any help would be great, thanks!
okay yes i know what they are i just dont know how to word them or define them. the test is written. if i had to demonstrate them itll be easier

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french food help recipes with fish ?

Jazzy M asked:

i’m in culinary arts school i’m 16 years old and i need a recipe for talapia fish. the thing is it has to be a french recipe can you help me please before tomorrow

no smart answers

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i would love to work in The French Laundry Restaurant?

SunnyFLOWER asked:

I’m graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary of Fine Arts and therefore, would like to work in a exquisite place like the French Laundry. This place will open my eyes to a vast varieties of culinary food. Could someone please guide me in job application to the French Laundry?

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I need help with employment in New York City?

Greg V asked:

I am moving to New York City June 5th of this year to attend the French Culinary Institutes Pastry Arts program, and am desperately looking for a job as soon as I get out there. My family doesn’t have much money at all to help me while I’m there, the most they can give me is 40 dollars, all I have for myself is 67. I can cook, I can clean, I’ve been a janitor before, a short order cook, and I’ve been a part time housekeeper. If anyone has any opportunities open, please let me know.

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French translation help?

metavain asked:

Okay I did most of it can you just fix it up for me?

The mean temperature averages 79°F. Two regular, alternating wind currents (east and northeast) cool the atmosphere. These are the tradewinds, called les alizés. There is only about a 5° difference between summer and winter temperatures.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean lap its shores on the east and the Caribbean Sea is to the west. The island is located 4,261 miles from Paris (8 hours by plane) and approximately 275 miles from the northern coast of the South American continent. The closest two neighboring islands are Dominica (15.5 miles to the north) and Saint Lucia (23 miles to the south.)
Two Catholic Cathedrals and a large number of parish churches illustrate the importance of Catholicism on the island.

The culinary styles found on this French-speaking island reflect its international cultural heritage. Traditional French cuisine is widely available, including many delicacies such as caviar, as well as many specialty dishes that are unique to the French West Indies.

La température moyenne fait la moyenne de 79°F. Deux réguliers, les courants alternatifs de vent (est et au nord-est) refroidissent l’atmosphère. Ce sont les tradewinds, appelés les alizés de les. Il y a seulement au sujet d’une différence 5° entre l’été et les températures d’hiver. Les eaux de l’Océan Atlantique enroulent ses rivages sur l’est et la mer des Caraïbes est à l’ouest. L’île est située 4.261 milles de Paris (8 heures en l’avion) et approximativement 275 milles de la côte nordique du continent sud-américain. Les deux îles voisines les plus étroites sont le Dominica (15.5 milles au nord) et le saint Lucia (23 milles aux sud.) Deux cathédrales catholiques et un grand nombre d’églises de paroisse illustrent l’importance du catholicisme sur l’île. Les modèles culinaires ont trouvé sur cette île de langue française reflètent son acquis culturel international. La cuisine française traditionnelle est largement - disponible, y compris beaucoup de délicatesses telles que le caviar, aussi bien que beaucoup de plats de spécialité qui sont uniques aux Antilles françaises.
I did translate most of the words, but I have no clue how they work. :/

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French Chef Question?

Robby S asked:

Hello.. I’m a culinary student at Johnson and Wales University.. Me and my wife have been toying with the idea of going to France a few years after I graduate to get a feel of the French Culinary sceen.. I know there’s tons of demand for a French chef in the States, but how about an American Chef in France? Also, what steps would I have to go through to do it? Thanks alot guys.

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